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Hello and welcome! I'm Dzianis, a licensed radio ham holding the callsign DD1LD. I love to take this hobby with me wherever I may roam. The blog "QTC de DD1LD" means "Messages From Me" and reflects my ham radio activities and projects. I barely have time to write everything down, so I blog occasionally, and mainly, for myself. You can subscribe to the blog below to receive updates when new posts are available. 73 and enjoy reading!

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

GoGreen Activation: DLFF-0755 at the Speichersee

Tuesday, June 25th, 2020. Short GoGreen activation report. 
The last activation (see below) of the new DLFF-0755 didn't make my happy. I felt I would have to go back soon. The next opportunity came on June 25th. This time I opted for the low power option and packed my LP station in the bike trailer. I started with 24 QSOs at 20m and then spent most of my time on 40m. As soon as the run rate on 40m deteriorated significantly after 161 QSOs, I decided to switch to 80m and culminated my activation with 18 QSO in SSB.  I could definitely get more QSOs, but it was time to go. The low power and fair-to-good propagation on 40m allowed me to collect 14 QSOs with Russian and 13 QSOs with Ukranian stations.  My conclusion: LP is more fun than QRP 😀, but too heavy for longer bike tours.

 My operating spot in DLFF-0755 on June 25th, 2020. 
I had a lot of fun with LP and a dipol.

 My operating spot in DLFF-0755 on June 25th, 2020.
 GPS coordinates: 48°12'08.8"N 11°42'40.2"E
Short summary and statistics for DD1LD/P:
  • Date: June 25th, 2020 
  • GoGreen distance: 20 km by bike
  • Equipment: LP + dipol
  • Participation time: ~ 3 hours
  • DXCC worked: 32
  • Top countries worked: DL (52 QSOs) and SP (26 QSOs)
  • Continents worked: 3
  • DX: NA, UA9, 4X
  • WWFF areas: 1x non-unique (re-activation)
  • WWFF reference: DLFF-0755
  • WWFF-valid QSOs: 203
  • Unique callsigns: 190
  • WWFF activator points: 4
  • P2P: 6
Mni tnx all chasers fer QSO!
73 es 44 de Dzianis, DD1LD/P

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020. Short GoGreen activation report.

Thanks to Manfred, DF6EX and Ric, DL2VFR, a new DLFF-0755 (Vogelfreistätte südlich der Fischteiche der Mittleren Isar) reference was quickly added to the DLFF list. It is the oldest nature reserve in the Munich district, where birds like to nest in the wetland. I didn't want to wait too long and used the first opportunity to activate the "New One". According to the weather forecast, it would rain all week, however I would have a few hours without rain on Tuesday afternoon. I decided to take a risk, and packed my bike. Kirian saw me packing and wanted to accompany me. Well, it would slow things down a bit, but there was nothing to argue about.  It's 20 km there and back and I was sure that Kirian (3 and 1/3 years old) would make it. I announced my activity through the WWFF agenda and we started. 

I started calling at 16:20 UTC and I collected 20 QSOs on 20m and 30m in 30 minutes. The propagation was poor. I switched to 40m hoping for a nice run.  I immediately recognized a high level of noise(?) I recognized QRN, but there was something else. I looked around and saw a overhead power lines right in front of my nose. What a sh#t!  I had 
  • poor propagation conditions, 
  • QRN,
  • QRM,
  • QRP,
  • and not an optimal time.
My operating spot in DLFF-0755 on June 16th, 2020. 
GPS coordinates 48°12'09.4"N 11°42'40.3"E

I ended up with 54 QSOs in 1 1/3 hour, 49 in CW and only 6 in SSB. Although the activation of the New One was successful and I even logged KD1CT in SSB, it was a tedious undertaking! I was deaf and could not receive any weak signals. I am sorry for those chasers who have not found their way into my logbook.

Kirian covered his first 20 km by bike and felt good, and that was the best achievement today! We'll be back for another GoGreen activation soon.
Mni tnx all chasers fer QSO!
73 es 44 de Dzianis, DD1LD/P

Sunday, June 21, 2020

GoGreen Activation of the Schwaben Castle, DL-05240 on the Wiegenberg, DA/AV-209

Sunday, June 21st, 2020. Short activation report.

I took a look at the weather forecast, the weather on the weekend would have been unstable close to the Apls, but still good for a bike ride around the corner. Sunday was the last day of the 11th World Castles Weekend (WCW-2020), I didn't want to miss it. I just got a new reference DL-05240 for the Schwaben Castle in Markt Schwaben from Manfred, DF6EX and it would be "my duty" to activate this reference.  I decided to operate from the Wiegenberg, DA/AV-209, which is just located in the activation zone of the castle. It's 14 km there and back by bike, so it would be a good bike round for Kirian. I have announced my schedule through the reflector of the WCA Group.

The WCA Group has published an announcement on its website. Thank you very much!

Kirian was too tired on Sunday morning...  So I was on the air an hour late. I started on 20m at 9:00 UTC and got a few QSOs in CW, then nothing came back, even though the copied signs were loud!? I decided to try SSB. The propagation conditions were good, I collected 55 SSB QSOs in less than one hour. After a short and low yield CW run I switched to 40m and had a similar situation - I got more QSOs in SSB than in CW, i.e. 33 QSOs vs. 19 QSOs.  As far as I remember, this is the first activation where I have made more contacts in SSB than in CW, thanks to good propagation and good location as well.

Operating spot on the Wiegenberg/Wittach, DA/AV-209.
GPS coordinates are 48°10'58.3"N 11°51'51.1"E.

Andy, DL2DVE and my friend Anton paid a visit to us. Andy brought some snacks for lunch (tnx Andy) and invited us for coffee and ice cream in the afternoon. We spend about three hours on the hill. Due to rain and other curious visitors, I had to interrupt my activation several times, which led to an actual uptime of around two hours. I QRTed at 12:00 UTC and we made our way to Andy, where we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying coffee and ice cream, talking about outdoor ham radio activities and making future plans, etc. The Sunday's activity resulted in 116 QSOs on 20m/40m made with QRP. 

DD1LD/P in action on the Wiegenberg, DA/AV-209 
while activating the Schwaben Castle, DL-05240.

The requirements for the Activator Award "11 (Two Towers)" in gold have so far been met. I needed a few more QSOs to apply for the Chaser Award. In the late evening I logged RA1L/M CQing from the Kronshtadt Fortress and Fort Menshikov on 40m and should therefore also qualify for the Chaser Award in gold.

The logs have been submitted. And again, the WCW-2020 was fun!

Short summary and statistics for DD1LD/P:
  • Date: June 21th, 2020
  • Equipment: QRP + EFHW
  • Operating time: ~ 2 hours
  • QSOs in total: 116 (w/o dupes) 
  • Unique calls: 105
  • CW QSO: 28
  • SSB QSO: 88
  • 40m QSO: 64
  • 20m QSO: 52
  • DXCC worked: 26
  • DX: North Amerika
  • WCA/COTA objects: 1x NEW ONE
  • WCA/COTA reference: WCA DL-05240 (Schloß Schwaben)
  • WCA/COTA-valid QSO: 116
  • GMA: 1x unique
  • GMA reference: DA/AV-209 (Wiegenberg)
  • GMA points: 5 
Mni tnx all chasers es activators fer QSO!
73 es 11 de Dzianis, DD1LD/P  

Thursday, June 18, 2020

After-work-activation of DLFF-0756

June 18th, 2020. Short activation report of DLFF-0756.

Spontaneously I decided to take advantage of a nice weather window and activate another New One - Hochmoor am Kesselse, DLFF-0756. 
The propagation conditions were very poor. The 20/30m bands were almost useless, I wasn't even lucky this time to get a NA callsign in my log. The signals at 40m were weak and were negatively influenced by ambient noise from car traffic and QRM (from a gravel plant?). I had to struggle for every QSO. I wanted to give up after 100 QSOs but decided to do a short run in SSB on 40m and 80m. The 80m band was much quieter where I collected the last 24 QSOs with solid reports. I will keep the 80m-band as an option for future after-work-activations.

Operating location in DLFF-0756,
GPS coordinates 48°04'00.66"N 12°09'59.91"E.

Altogether I gathered 140 QSOs in ~2.5 hours of operating time. I will have to find another quieter operating place next time.

Short statistics:
  • Operating time: ~2.5 hours
  • 40m - 100 QSO, 80m - 24 QSO, 20m - 11 QSO, 30m - 5 QSO
  • CW - 106 QSO (76%), SSB - 34 QSO (24%)
  • Unique callsigns: 125 
  • P2P: 4
  • WWFF Activator Award Points: 3
Mni tnx all chasers fer QSO!
73 es 44 de Dzianis, DD1LD/P

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Double Activation: WWFF Zellbachtal & COTA Hechenberg Castle

Saturday, June 13th, 2020. Short activation report.
Saturday, June 13th, was forecast as a hot day with temperatures up to 32°C. We wanted to escape the coming afternoon heat. After a long breakfast Kirian and me spontaneously decided to undertake a double activation of the Zellbachtal, DLFF-0448 and the Hechenberg Castle, COTA-DL OBB-086, WCA DL-04982. I just had to find a good place with lots of shade, and quickly found a suitable one in the forest of the Zellbachtal nature reserve.

Our GPS location during double activation on June 13th, 2020.  
The red curve marks the 1km COTA activation zone. 
GPS coordinates are 47°49'52" N and 11°32'47" O.

Our quiet operating spot during double activation on June 13th, 2020. 
Kirian watched some cartoons while I was operating.

The goal was pretty easy to collect as many WWFF activator award points as possible. I started CQing at ~11:00 UTC, and made 180 QSOs on 20/30 and 40m in less than three hours of operating time. The propagation conditions were fair to good. Approximately 2/3 of the QSOs were on 40m. It was fun again! 

We made a short stop in Hechenberg to take a few pictures for documentation. The Hechenberg Castle was built in 1594. Near the Hechenberg Castle there is the Hechenberg Tower Hill, a former water castle of the tower hill or mota type.  The tower hill castle, which was probably founded by the Lords of Hechenberg in the 11th or 12th century, was surrounded by a moat five to seven meters wide.

 The Hechenberg Castle,  COTA-DL OBB-086, WCA DL-04982.

The St. Valentin Church in Hechenberg. The castle is behind the church.
Short summary and statistics for DD1LD/P:
  • Date: June 13th, 2020
  • Equipment: Low power (100W) + dipole
  • Operating/Participation time: ~2:45 hours
  • Valid QSO: 180 (w/o dupes)
  • Unique callsigns: 164
  • CW QSO: 106
  • SSB QSO: 74
  • 40m: 112 QSOs, 20m: 66 QSOs, 30m: 2 QSOs
  • DXCC worked: 31
  • Top countries worked: DL, I, SP, ON
  • Continents worked: 2
  • DX: North Amerika
  • WWFF areas: 1x unique (not activated by me before)
  • WWFF reference: DLFF-0448
  • WWFF activator points: 4 (x 44 QSO)
  • P2P: 3
  • WCA/COTA areas: 1x unique (not activated by me before)
  • WCA/COTA reference: COTA-DL OBB-086, WCA DL-04982
Mni tnx all chasers es activators fer QSO!
73 es 44 es 11 de Dzianis, DD1LD/P

Friday, June 12, 2020

Quattro 2x2 Activation: 2x WWFF & 2x SOTA

Friday, June 12th, 2020.
The initial idea and motivation are summarized in the earlier post here. I was waiting for a suitable opportunity to undertake a quattro activation of 2x WWFF and 2x SOTA in the Karwendel Nature Park by a single expedition. And an opportunity arose on Friday. The weather forecast was just great. We invited our friends over for dinner tonight, so unfortunately, I had a limited amount of time for my activities.

The Karwendel Nature Park has been subject to a protection regulation since 1928 and is one of the oldest and most beautiful nature reserves in Europe. The largest part (around 80%) is in Tyrol/Austria, the smaller part is in Bavaria/Germany. The goal was to activate the Stierjoch, OE/TI-649 (1909m) in OEFF-0043 by 61 QSOs at least and Kotzen, DL/KW-043 (1766m) in DLFF-0173 by 44 QSOs at least to claim a successful quattro activation and three WWFF Activator Award points (I had 17 additional QSOs left from my last activation of OEFF-0043, so 17 + 61 = 88 QSOs or two points). I announced the Stierjoch, OE/TI-649 for 9:00 UTC and Kotzen, DL/KW-043 for 11:00 UTC by the WWFF Agenda and SOTAwatch.

The summits can be reached from the north by a hiking trail starting in the Fall village (773m) near the Sylvensteinsee. I started at the village a little late at 6:00 UTC. Already at this point the Fall village was overcrowded, the parking lots were fully occupied. To save time and avoid the crowd, I chosen a rarely hiked trail along a stream that flows into the Dürrach river. In retrospect, that was a good decision! The lonely path was fun and also beautiful. The trail is neither signposted nor marked and requires good orientation skills. If you get lost, just follow the stream until you cross another path. 

A beautiful terrace waterfall starting a stream. At the latest here you will need to turn right towards the saddle between the the Stierjoch and Kotzen. 

Exactly tree hours later I arrived at the Stierjoch, OE/TI-649 in OEFF-0043. A couple of hikers were enjoying a great view over the Karwendel Nature Park from the summit top. So I did for a while too...

View from the Stierjoch over OEFF-0043 towards the Delps lake.

The first QSO was logged at 9:20 UTC. I had a nice run on 20m and logged 21 QSO in ~10 minutes. I was at least an hour late, the propagation conditions on 40m/30m deteriorated, all the signals were weak. I logged 25 QSOs on 40m in 20 minutes, had a longer but not really productive run on 30m, and finally ended up on 40m. In 1 hour and 25 minutes I collected 65 QSOs (62 unique QSOs + 3 dupes) in CW and one S2S in 2m FM. I QRTed at 10:45 UTC. The mission was complete and I hurried to the next summit. I was an hour behind schedule...
My operating spot on the Stierjoch, OE/TI-649. View to the north. 
My next summit the Kotzen, DL/KW-043 is in the background.
Exactly one hour later, at 11:45 UTC I logged the first QSO on 40m from the Kotzen, DL/KW-043. The propagation conditions were poor. I gathered 45 OSOs in CW on 40m and 20m in ~45 minutes of operating/participation time and QRTed at 12:35 UTC.  This mission was complete and I had to hurry up.  Now I was 45 minutes behind schedule... Well, not so bad!
My operating spot on the Kotzen, DL/KW-043. 
Some hikers around the summit cross are in the background.
View from the Kotzen, DL/KW-043 towards the Sylvensteinsee.

I was back at the Fall village at 14:15 UTC (15 minutes behind schedule) but came home just in time because I lost some time in traffic. The quattro activation was successful despite poor propagation conditions. The number of QSOs was not exciting though. However, I had a really nice bike & hike tour and another nice day in the alps. The GPS route showed 26 km, which were covered for 111 QSOs, 14 SOTA points and 3 WWFF Activator Award points.

Mni tnx to all chasers fer QSO!
73 es 44 de Dzianis, DD1LD/P

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Starting into the World Castles Weekend 2020

A long weekend just started on Thursday, June 11th. The weather forecast, and especially, in the morning was not stable enough for alpine SOTA activities, so I thought about WWFF again. I still needed some more COTA activations for the GMA triathlon. At the same time, Manfred, DF6EX just mentioned the 11th World Castles Weekend (WCW-2020) taking place from the 11th to the 21st of June 2020, and motivated me to take part. I only had a few hours for my activities on Thursday and did not want to go far from home. The COTA map suggested two castles near my home (app. 25 min by car) that were not yet activated.  The Moosen Castle, COTA-DL OBB-019, WCA DL-03853 and Armstorf Castle, COTA-DL OBB-014, WCA DL-03848 lie on the different sides of the highway A94 and have overlapping activation zones. The weather forecast was rainy in the morning, but the rain should stop after 8:00 UTC. So, I announced my activity for Thursday at 8:00 UTC through the WCA reflector on late Wednesday evening, hoping that I would still address many chasers on time. I also wanted to set a goal for this activity, which was a successful double activation by 50-100 QSOs in two hours of uptime. My expectations were decent, however, the plan went better than expected!

The overlap between two activation zones is less than 100m.

I sneaked out of the house in the rainy and gloomy morning while the kids were still sleeping. I planned a little more time to find a suitable operating spot. Finally I parked my car in the activation zone behind a hunting cabin and decided to leave my station in the trunk because of the rain. It turned out that it was the right decision, the rain got stronger. The location had a certain elevation and was pretty good for RF.

 My GPS location during double activation on June 11th, 2020. 

My pants and shoes were soaked by wet grass during the antenna installation, and it was still raining. Yesterday I tweaked my antenna a bit and was curious about its performance. So, nothing else than going on the air! I went on the air on schedule at 8:00 UTC. I started on 40m and gathered 60 QSOs in 45 minutes. Because of the changing rain and, thus, the changing SWR, the ATU constantly tried to tune the antenna to the lowest possible SWR. It was pretty annoying and disrupted the operational flow a little. Finally, I had to set a higher auto-tuning threshold to make everything work smoothly. A run in SSB resulted in 70 QSOs in 30 minutes of operating time. Then the rate on 20m and 40m went down to app. 1 QSO/min. I gathered over 220 QSOs in tree hours of uptime. That was fun! I had an hour left, I collected 40 more QSOs, took a couple of pictures, packed everything together and made my way home with 260 QSOs in my log. Of course, a public holiday in Europe (Corpus Christi) helped me get a pretty nice number of QSOs and chasers. The overall result was motivating to undertake more COTA activations. I needed at least one more for the Award "11 (Two Towers)" issued by the World Castles Activity Group (WCAG), and a couple more ones for the GMA triathlon as well.  I felt like I could get even more QSOs, but it was the best time to go. The weather got a lot better and warmer, and I wanted to spend the rest of the holyday outside with my family and our friends.  

My operating spot. As forecasted, the weather got a lot better on departure. 
The hunting cabin in the background was a good orientation point.

On the way home I made two short stops at the castles to document my successful activation.

The Armstorf Castle, COTA-DL OBB-014, WCA DL-03848.

The Moosen Castle, COTA-DL OBB-019, WCA DL-03853.

Short summary and statistics for DD1LD/P:
  • Date: June 11th, 2020
  • Equipment: Low power (100W) + dipole
  • Operating/Participation time: ~ 3.5 hours
  • QSOs in total: 253 (w/o dupes)
  • CW QSO: 124
  • SSB QSO: 129
  • 40m QSO: 197
  • 20m QSO: 56
  • DXCC worked: 34
  • DX: North Amerika
  • WCA/COTA objects: 2x uniques and NEW ONEs
  • WCA/COTA reference: WCA DL-03848 / OBB-014 + DL-03853 / OBB-019
  • WCA/COTA-valid QSO: 253 (w/o dupes) 
Mni tnx all chasers es activators fer QSO!
73 es 11 de Dzianis, DD1LD/P  

Saturday, June 06, 2020

GreenParty 2020

Friday, June 5th, 2020. Preparation.
It was a rainy week, and we needed some rain with all this dry weather. I was thinking of combining WWFF and SOTA activities as part of GreenParty 2020, however, the weather forecast was not promising for high-alpine expeditions, so I rejected this idea.  And what now? Should I go for a pure WWFF activation? I remembered that I wanted to participate in the GMA Triathlon this year, I still needed some activations of castles, islands and lighthouses to score points for an award.  We have some "problems" in Bavaria with islands/IOTA and lighthouses/LOTA, but no issues with castles/COTA. The ultimate goal was to find an area
  • where the weather forecast would have enabled me to operate without rain for a couple of hours;
  • with a rarely or not activated WWFF reference;
  • with a rarely or not activated WCA/COTA reference.
I studied maps and weather forecasts for hours, and, finally, found a sweet spot. There is an overlap between the Mündung der Tiroler Achen, DLFF-0219 and the Winkl Castle, DL-04472, OBB-082. The DLFF-0219 was activated a couple of times by ~300 QSO in total, and the DL-04472 was not activated yet. It made me hope for a nice pile-up! The weather forecast for the Chiemsee lake area was promising inbetween 8:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC, and looked a lot better than in my hometown.  I announced my expedition for 8:00 UTC via the WWFF Agenda and WCA Group Reflector just a few hours before departure.
The operating spot was chosen in the overlap between the DLFF and WCA/COTA activation zones.
Then I had to study the GreenParty rules.  Initially I wanted to operate in CW and SSB, but I also found out that the category Mixed includes digital modes, in which I was not interested at all. So, I decided to go for CW only, and this was not the best option nether for me nor for all other chasers who can't do CW, since I spent almost all of my operating time collecting every CW QSO to maximize my score within a certain amount of time.  My goal was to collect 3 WWFF activator points at least, or, put differently, 3x 44 QSO = 132 QSO in CW.  I had a couple of hours for operating, since I needed to be at home at 13:00 UTC.

Saturday, June 6th, 2020. Activation. 
I was going to place my station on a meadow in the overlap area between the WWFF and COTA activation zones (marked by red). The plan did not work, the meadow was already occupied, the cattle were grazing in the meadow. I had to move back and closer to the Rothgraben (to the right of the marked spot) and set-up my station just within the WWFF border. 

The border or the DLFF-0219 runs along the Rothgraben. The red circle marks the anticipated operating location. The actual operating spot was chosen near the Rothgraben to the right of the marked location. 
The operating spot was the lowest point in the area close to the ditch and was surrounded by trees and an earth wall (on the right to the north) and, therefore, not ideal for RF but this was the only way to fully comply with WWFF and WCA/COTA rules. 

GreenParty 2020. My operating spot close to the ditch (Rothgraben). 
View to the south. Chiemgau Alps in the background.

I started at ~8:30 UTC on 20m and made 27 QSO in half an hour. Then I switched to 40m and got a huge but short pile-up I really enjoyed! It was a very chaotic pile-up but I was able to handle this kind of chaos. The pile-up resulted in 50 QSO in ~35 minutes.  The pile-up died away quickly, and I was collecting the rest QSOs on 20m and 40m at a moderate rate until the rate dropped significantly. I had short runs at 80m and 15m without a single QSO made. Then I was constantly switching between 20m and 40m and collecting every QSO I could get. The overall result was not really exciting, I made 137 CW QSO on two bands in 3.5 hours of operating time.  More than half of QSO were done in the first hour, and 90 QSO were done in the first two hours. Well, the propagation was poor, the location was not ideal, and I decided to omit SSB, and I still have to work on optimizing my antenna, and, and, and. At the very end I had a very short run at 30m and got 2 additional QSOs in the log. Unfortunately, I had no time for SSB and had to leave with 139 CW QSO including 10 P2P QSO in my log.
My portable station in a trolley that I had to move for 1km. I left my car in the Winkl parking lot. 
The Kampenwand (1668m), DL/CG-046 in the background. The rain was coming.  
The current rules of the GreenParty come very close to a contest-like operation. I found the number exchange pretty annoying. I had to send F0219 to every chaser. Many chasers were not interested in it, and did not want to have it, and did not even know what it meant. It also disrupted the usual QSO flow, so many chasers replied to me as soon as they received 5NN, even though I was still sending F0219. Also, sending F0219 to everyone was not "green" (not environmentally friendly) at all, just a waste of battery energy. I decided not to ask and push for any numbers, and if a chaser did not give me a number by default, I logged 000. This made the operating flow more fluid. Some chasers gave me a number at the beginning and no longer later. An exchange with other /P was mandatory and fairly straightforward.
I relied heavily on RBN and chasers' spots. At home I found out that some activators spotted themselves via the WWFF watch/cluster saying GreenParty. The rules state "self-spotting is not allowed". I am not sure if they even recognized this before submitting their logs, or they will not submit their logs for ranking at all.  Let's see.
This was my first time attending this event. The overall idea is really good and the event was fun. However, the whole thing is not yet mature and has more potential to become more successful and widely accepted. I guess if GreenParty organizers design the rules around the usual WWFF operating flow, they will get much more acceptance from WWFF activators and chasers to participate and, especially, to submit a log. Anyway, I shared my constructive feedback with the organizers. Let's see.
The nicest part was a pile-up on 40m, I already forgot when I had such a pile-up. Well, I can imagine doing a few other rural COTA activations.

And, of course, I took a picture of the Winkl Castle, before I hit the road home. The castle burned down in 1994 and was only renovated a few years ago, and equipped with nine living apartments. Architecturally, the building is more like a manor house than a castle. An eventful and rich history of the Winkl Castle has been demonstrated since the 15th century. Unfortunately, not much information is available on the web.
The renovated Winkl Castle, WCA DL-04472, COTA OBB-082. 
As soon as I entered the highway it started to rain. Good timing! I arrived home just in time.
Short summary and statistics for DD1LD/P:
  • Date: June 6th, 2020
  • Equipment: Low Power (~60W)
  • Operating/Participation time: ~3.5 hours
  • DXCC worked: 29
  • Top countries worked: DL, I, SP, ON
  • Continents worked: 2
  • DX: North Amerika
  • WWFF areas: 1x unique (not activated by me before)
  • WWFF reference: DLFF-0219
  • WWFF-valid QSO: 139 (144 - 5 dupes), all CW
  • Unique callsigns: 129
  • WWFF activator points: ~3
  • P2P: 10
  • WCA/COTA areas: 1x unique and NEW ONE
  • WCA/COTA reference: DL-04472, OBB-082
  • WCA/COTA-valid QSO: 139 (144 - 5 dupes), all CW
  • Unique callsigns: 129
Mni tnx all chasers es activators fer QSO!
73 es 44 es 11 de Dzianis, DD1LD/P

Thursday, June 25th, 2020. Conclusion. 
The GreenParty 2020 results were announced today. I'm happy with my achievement! I guess we have to adjust the GreenParty rules for next year...

DD1LD/p - First Place in Low Power, All Bands, CW, 6 hours of operating time.
Mni tnx all chasers es activators fer QSO!
73 es 44 de Dzianis, DD1LD/P

Monday, June 01, 2020

CQ WW WPX CW Contest

I actually wanted to tackle the WPX CW contest seriously. Unfortunately, it was not possible for various reasons, but I don't want to bore you with all that either. My "strategy" was pretty simple - to have a lot of fun and joy and to do at least 1000 QSOs. The score was not important to me. The goals have been achieved!

I installed a new dipole for 40m/80m on Saturday afternoon, because some needed components only arrived on Saturday morning. I didn't have time for 160m, there was also enough for me to fetch on the other bands. The total operation/participation time was less than 20 hours.

I almost forgot how much fun a WPX CW contest can be. I enjoyed good propagation conditions on all bands and long openings on 10m. All the points go to the Bavarian Contest Club.
My raw score CQ WW WPX CW 2020,

73 de Dzianis, DD1LD