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Hello and welcome! I'm Dzianis, a licensed radio ham holding the callsign DD1LD. I love to take this hobby with me wherever I may roam. The blog "QTC de DD1LD" means "Messages From Me" and reflects my ham radio activities and projects. I barely have time to write everything down, so I blog occasionally, and mainly, for myself. You can subscribe to the blog below to receive updates when new posts are available. 73 and enjoy reading!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Two uniques in DL/MF activated

Two uniques – Gindelalmschneid DL/MF-033 and Rainer Berg DL/MF-085 nearby Schliersee were activated on Sunday, January, 20.

Gindelalm, Gindelalmschneid is over on the other side

On the Gindelalmschneid (DL/MF-033), 1331 m

13 and 24 QSO were done in CW on 40 meters, respectively. Many thanks to Andy DL2DVE for lending his Garmin Geko 201 for test purpose. Even though Geko was constantly losing the GPS-signal, without it we could have wasted a lot of time for localization of Rainer Berg.

DD1LD/p operating on Gindelalmschneid

The total score gained is 2+4 (regular) + 2x3 (bonus) = 12 points.

73 de Dzianis, DD1LD/p

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blomberg & Co. activated

A hard tour...
Inspired by the previous activation I was waiting for a sunny weekend to hike Blomberg and Zwieselberg. A good weather was promised on Sunday, and Maria and me were looking forward to having a great day. Shortly after 11 AM we were at the Blomberg cableway. We spontaneously decided to go up Blomberg by the cableway and walk down to the valley. First stop was Heigelkopf (DL/BE-002), after that we went back to Blomberg (DL/BE-001). The strong West-South wind on Heigelkopf was driving Maria crazy, I was having my 12th QSO when she said that she was feeling cold. The pile-up was still huge, but… Sorry guys, you will understand me.

DD1LD/p operating on Heigelkopf (DL/BE-002)

On the way to Zwieselberg (DL/BE-003)

On Blomberg we took advantage of trees shielding us from the wind. The sun as well as our good mood appeared again. 11 QSO in CW on 40m were well done and we made our way forward to Zwieselberg (DL/BE-003). The sun, a great view, and a very strong wind expected us on the summit. We spent app.15 minutes for 18 QSO, took a couple of nice pictures and left Zwieselberg.

Operating on the Zwieselberg (DL/BE-003) with Maria

Next stop over – Stallauer Kopf (DL/BE-058) – is a small bare place of no interest. After 11 QSO were performed from there, we were going to finish our SOTA expedition, but as a surprise for both of us Stallauer Eck (DL/BE-006) came towards us. After last 6 QSO were rapidly done, we ran to Bad Heilbrunn as fast as we could, which we achieved at nightfall (app. 5 PM). The last summit cost a critical half hour so that we lost our way two times because of darkness. Last 4 kilometers from Bad Heilbrunn to the cableway were quite annoying… but anyway it was a great tour! I just promised Maria to choose something less exhausting if she ever wants to join me again :-)
The whole equipment did a great job! Our hard prey are 35 points, 5x4 (regular) + 5x3 (bonus).

Sunset from Stallauer Eck (DL/BE-006)

73 de Dzianis DD1LD/p es Maria

P.S. DD1LD/p in action...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

SOTA - winter season opened

A beautiful day... My first winter activation...

A spontaneous decision to go to mountains was actually not really spontaneous. Totally overworked and tired I needed fresh air like a fish needs water and also some exercise. A couple of days ago I chosen some interesting summits, which could be easily hiked in wintertime, then I was just waiting for a nice weather. And what a wonderful weather we had today! In the morning I briefly glanced at a thermometer and at the sky, and one hour later I was driving my car to the Bavarian south.

Three summits were put on my list – Schwarzer Berg (DL/MF-082) and Fentberg (DL/MF-083), and eventually Stadlberg (DL/MF-086). I enjoyed this wonderful weather and idyllic surroundings so much that I decided to skip the third summit at all. No hectic, no stress, a few people (and even one inquisitive ham). What one does want more? The way to Schwarzer Berg was a bit hard to drive because of steep narrow roads covered with snow. A right path to Fentberg was not easy to find, but at the second try the summit was finally conquered.

On the way to Fentberg

Operating from Fentberg

My rich pickings I got on Friday, the 4th January are 8 points (2 regular + 6 bonus) and 23 QSO in CW on 40 meters. Almost the same people…

73 de Dzianis, DD1LD/p

P.S. My father always says: “A time spent for hobbies never will be counted by God among lifetime.”

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Stew Perry Top Band Chalenge 2007

56 QSO were done in CW and 114 points were gathered with 100W power and my wire antenna manually tuned. No surprises this time. ODX was UA6LV (Taganrog, Russia) with 2076 km far away. One year ago - UU4JMG (Crimea) with 1991 km.

I had some periodic QRM up to S5-S7 again, that I was forced to test the noise blanker in my new rig, which was working quite satisfactory. I heard much more that I was able to reach. Where is the whole power going to?

Happy New Year and
73 de Dzianis