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Hello and welcome! I'm Dzianis, a licensed radio ham holding the callsign DD1LD. I love to take this hobby with me wherever I may roam. The blog "QTC de DD1LD" means "Messages From Me" and reflects my ham radio activities and projects. I barely have time to write everything down, so I blog occasionally, and mainly, for myself. You can subscribe to the blog below to receive updates when new posts are available. 73 and enjoy reading!

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Friday, January 03, 2020

1x1 DX Activation of Falkenstein, DL/CG-103 and DLFF-0208

My plan was to activate the Falkenstein, DL/CG-103 and DLFF-0208 by a minimum of 44 QSOs.  I wanted to be on the summit in the early afternoon to get a couple of DX into my log. The weather was just OK, not great for a longer stay on the top...

The starting point was Cafe Zwing on the Reichenhaller road. I was going to approach the Falkenstein from the south side in the hope there will be a little snow if compared to the north side.  It turned out to be truth. However, I lost quite some time to find the right and barely visible path to the top. The summit held no signposts and no markings at all. If covered by snow, you have to use a GPS tracker with a loaded track or rely on your climbing experience.

Operating spot on the Falkenstein, DL/CG-103. As usual I made an entry in the summit book.

I started CQing at 13:20 UTC and made 49 QSO within  ~1 hour. I worked 19 DXCC in CW with 5W, the highlight was a series of 7 DX QSO with NA on 20m. I definitely could have gathered more QSO and should have had another run on 20m, but the cold crept through my clothes and I started freezing...  Well, I had my goals achieved, time to go home!

ODX was ~7800km with Atlanta, GA, USA. 
Average kilometers per QSO were over 1700km. My personal SOTA record so far!

Overall, I had a pretty nice experience. 5 (2+3) SOTA and 6 (1 + 5 DXCC bonus) WWFF activator points were well deserved.

Activation date: January 3rd, 2020

Thanks to all chasers! 
73 es 44 de Dzianis, DD1LD/P