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Hello and welcome! I'm Dzianis, a licensed radio ham holding the callsign DD1LD. I love to take this hobby with me wherever I may roam. The blog "QTC de DD1LD" means "Messages From Me" and reflects my ham radio activities and projects. I barely have time to write everything down, so I blog occasionally, and mainly, for myself. You can subscribe to the blog below to receive updates when new posts are available. 73 and enjoy reading!

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Father's Day Activation of Staffel, DL/BE-021

Thursday, May 21, 2020. Father's Day. This was a spontaneous family activation of the Staffel, DL/BE-021 together with Kirian, Andy, DL2DVE and his oldest daughter Tamara. It was the first serious alpine tour for 3 and 1/4 years old Kirian, he climbed over 750m in altitude alone without external help. And this is a milestone in his young mountaineering life! 

We started at ~7:00 UTC close to the Fleck village and arrived the summit at 9:45 UTC. As always when we arrived at the summit cross, we left an entry in the summit book.

The Staffel is a very popular mountain, and, thus, the mountain top was full of hikers, unfortunately. However, we had no big issues to put two QRP stations around the summit cross while still keeping social distancing. We wanted to keep the activation short today as we were going to have a long descent. After about one hour of being there (or ~40 minutes of pure operating time) we made over 70 QSO on 40/30/20 and 2m bands, in which 36 QSO incl. a couple S2S go to my account:
  • 20m - 8 QSO,
  • 30m - 10 QSO,
  • 40 m - 16 QSO,
  • 2m - 2 QSO.
 My operation spot on the Staffel, DL/BE-021.

The view from the mountain is just great in every direction! The shortest trail is quite steep but easy.  It took us ~2.5 hours to get down. Kirian ran out of energy when he arrived in the parking lot and fell asleep in the car as soon as I hit the street. My little boy was just great today and mastered this challenge with flying colors!

 On the way down. View towards the Karwendel and Sylvensteinsee lake.

When we all arrived at my QTH, we celebrated our successful Father's Day Activity with drinking beer and ice cream, respectively. Andy and me were proud of our children's performance today! 

Thanks to all chasers and activators for S2S!
73 de Dzianis, DD1LD

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