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Hello and welcome! I'm Dzianis, a licensed radio ham holding the callsign DD1LD. I love to take this hobby with me wherever I may roam. The blog "QTC de DD1LD" means "News From Me" and reflects my ham radio activities and projects. I barely have time to write everything down, so I blog occasionally, and mainly, for myself. You can subscribe to the blog below to receive updates when new posts are available. Enjoy reading! 73 de Dzianis, DD1LD.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soiernspitze activated

Data: August 27, 2009
Summits: Schöttelkarspitze (DL/KW-024, 2050m) & Soiernspitze (DL/KW-029, 2257m)
Points: 8 (DL/KW-024) + 10 (DL/KW-029)
QSO: 6 + 9 on 2m FM
Walking & climbing: 8 hours
Total distance: 23.5km
Altitude difference: 1400m
Tour time: 12 hours
Landscape: fantastic
People: few
Enjoyment: endless ...

Dzianis Soierntour (red line - up, blue one - down)

Just started climbing

Gams met close to the Seinskopf

Schöttelkarspitze (DL/KW-024), 2050m

Dzianis sunning on the Schöttelkarspitze after breakfast

Lonesome Karwendel

Soiernspitze (DL/KW-029), 2257m not far away

The Soiernsee, 1557m

On the way down

Last look at the Soiernspitze before leaving the Lakaiensteig